About Me

Welcome – (hopefully a fellow stationery lover / writer / reader)

Beth here.

As my first post touches on, I am trying to create one of those moments where suddenly everything clicks into place and your passion in life is clear, and you can do something tangible with it.

I love to write and have found it to be a huge benefit; recording snippets of my life and experiences in a journal, venting after a rubbish day (scratchy handwriting a given there), writing letters because the best feeling is getting one back in the post and sitting down with a cuppa (my sister and I exchange letters despite the convenience of WhatsApp – which is also pretty great and we do that too!).

So I want to give writing a go and just do MORE of it!  I have an idea working for a fictional novel (think Sophie Kinsella, Milly Johnson inspired) but I need to broaden it to just get into the habit of writing.

I hope you enjoy reading my scrawl and find some inspiration as I try and do the same!

Much love

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